7 Best Freediving Masks: Our Favorites For All Levels (2022)

Cressi Nano Mask

One of the most important pieces of freediving gear you’ll need is a reliable freediving mask. While you could use a standard scuba or snorkel mask, a good freediving mask will make a big difference to both your enjoyment and performance underwater. And if you’re serious about pursuing freediving or spearfishing as a sport or hobby, […]

7 Best Places To Dive With Manta Rays


In general, not a whole lot of people have seen or gotten to dive with a manta ray, which really is a shame. Once you see them up close and personal, you are mesmerized, and instantly fall in love with these majestic creatures. Being able to dive or swim with giant manta rays, is an […]

5 Best Snorkel Masks: Our Favorites Reviewed (2022)

The best snorkel mask will provide you with a crystal clear view of the underwater world, without ever leaking or fogging. It’ll fit you comfortably and will be rugged enough to take on years’ worth of adventures. But with so many different shapes, sizes, and designs available, buying a mask for snorkeling can be a […]

7 Best Dive Computers Compared: Buying Guide 2022

People always ask us, “what is the one piece of dive gear I should buy first?” Our answer is always the same: a dive computer! Every diver should have their own dive computer and know how to use it. You should really never rely on someone else to keep track of your dive limits and […]

5 Best Wetsuits For Scuba Diving (Updated 2022)

A wetsuit keeps you safe and comfortable whilst scuba diving. So it’s an important piece of dive gear to have. But which is the best scuba diving wetsuit for you? AT A GLANCE: OUR TOP PICKS FOR THE BEST WETSUITS FOR SCUBA Our Top Choice: Scubapro Everflex Steamer Best Short Wetsuit: 3mm Seaskin Short Wetsuit Most Versatile: Henderson Thermoprene 3mm […]

Complete Guide To Scuba Diving In Socorro

Scuba diving in Socorro is a parade of the world’s most exciting marine megafauna. Often referred to as The Galapagos of Mexico, this pelagic paradise is one of the world’s top scuba diving destinations. Located 250 miles off the west coast of Mexico, Socorro is the largest of four islands that make up the Revillagigedo archipelago. More commonly known […]

Cressi Leonardo Review (2022 Update)

The Cressi Leonardo dive computer is the first of its kind to be made by well-known Italian scuba diving brand Cressi. If you’re looking for an elegant and simple dive computer that’s ideal for beginner divers or those who want an affordable, uncomplicated dive computer, then look no further! Though it is the first dive computer to […]

Drift Diving 101: A Complete Guide To Drift Diving


There’s nothing more frustrating than a dive entirely into the current. Instead of focusing on all the beautiful sites of the dive, all you can think about is how bad your leg is cramping. But what if there was a way to consistently dive with the ocean currents headed in the right direction? Rather than exerting […]

Estimated Diving Weight Buoyancy Calculator

So you know you need to wear weights for scuba diving otherwise you wouldn’t be able to do it down. But if you’re wearing too much weight then achieving neutral buoyancy becomes challenging. And you’ll end up wasting a ton of your precious air to maintain it. Not to mention the additional effort required to […]

Freediving Statistics 2022


The art of holding your breath and diving underneath the ocean blue is a whole other discipline than cruising down under with your self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA)! And there are some crazy records out there held by some absolute super-humans. Freediving is also known as Apnea – from the Greek word a-pnoia which literally […]