Chris Botting

SSI L2 Freedive Instructor, PADI IDC Staff Instructor, SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor

How old were you when you first started scuba diving?

I began scuba diving around 15 years ago and started teaching a few years later

How did you start getting into scuba diving?

At the time I was living on a sub-tropical island and was already a keen surfer and free diver so it seemed liked another way to explore and enjoy the oceans.

Where did you get scuba certified?

I complete my open water to instructor in the Canary Islands

What’s your current scuba certification?

  • PADI – IDC staff instructor
  • SSI – Dive Control Specialist Instructor
  • SSI – Freedive Level 2 Instructor
  • Molchanovs – Freedive Level (Wave 2) Instructor


What do you love most about scuba diving?

To be honest I love the exploration of the underwater world & finding new creatures. I especially love macro life & enjoy underwater photography

What do you do in your free time outside of diving?

When I’m not diving I’m out surfing or free diving. I also love learning languages.

instructor teaching rescue scuba in a pool

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