Teagan Kane

PADI SCUBA MSDT and Freedive Molchanovs Master Instructor

Teagan is a scuba and freediving master instructor with PADI and Molchanovs. Currently based in Amed, Indonesia, but always traveling to teach and dive. He has been diving for over 13 years but was a lifeguard and boat driver since he was 15.

He left the USA in 2010 and has spent most of his time in Asia. Diving from the Panglao Philippines to Dahab, Egypt, and everywhere in between. His passion for travel and teaching lead him to teach English in a lot of countries and hone his writing skills.

He just doesn’t just love diving and the people he meets along the way and the food make it all worth it. By teaching and writing, he can educate people about what is happening to the ocean and help to make it a better place for future divers. If you want to follow his travels on IG.

How old were you when you first started scuba diving?

I was 22 when I first started diving in the Philippines.

How did you start getting into scuba diving?

I was always interested in the ocean and was a lifeguard and boat driver at a summer camp. I had some friends going to get certified and I wanted to join in.

Where did you get scuba certified?

I was living in Korea and we flew to Panglao, Philippines. I did my open water there and a few years later I came back to life and did my Divemaster and Instructor course as well.

What’s your current scuba certification?

I am an MSDT for PADI and a Master Freediving instructor for Molchanovs.

What do you love most about scuba diving?

Being able to see all the creatures, and exploring new places.

What do you do in your free time outside of diving?

I also enjoy running, reading, and helping organize.