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best scuba tanks

5 Best Scuba Tanks For Each Type of Diver

Scuba diving tanks are one of the last pieces of equipment most divers buy for themselves.

For divers that dive frequently enough, there’s certainly some savings in getting tanks of your

7 Best Dive Bags Reviewed (2023 Edition)

A reliable scuba diving bag is an essential accessory for any avid diver looking to keep their gear organized, protected, and ready for underwater expeditions. They also make it easy

Austin Tuwiner with several pairs of scuba diving gloves

4 Best Scuba Diving Gloves (2023 Update)

Dive gloves are an optional accessory for scuba divers seeking exposure protection, dexterity, and thermal insulation during their underwater explorations. If you’ve never bought dive gloves before, you may not

man wearing Garmin MK1 on the beach

Garmin Descent MK1 (Dive Computer Review)

Jumping into the once saturated dive computer market is the outdoor sports titan’s Garmin, with their Descent MK1. Is the Descent MK1 worth the hype? Is it right for you? Do you

Austin Wearing Air Integrated Dive Computers

7 Best Dive Computers of 2023 (Divemaster Tested)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUj91zp34qE Scuba diving computers have completely revolutionized the way divers plan and execute their dives. Gone are the times where you study dive tables in-between dives. They offer real-time dive

Women Scuba Divers Wetsuits

5 Best Scuba Diving Wetsuits For Women (Updated 2023)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwM8tOii6K0 A wetsuit is an essential piece of gear for divers, providing protection, insulation, and an opportunity to express personal style while exploring the underwater world. Unfortunately, very few dive

scuba diving regulator first stage

3 Best Scuba Diving Regulators Of 2023

A scuba diving regulator is quite literally the lifeline between you and your air source while you’re underwater. Due to the importance and cost of a scuba diving regulator, it’s

Olympus Dive Camera product photo

7 Best Cameras For Scuba Diving (2022)

The right scuba diving camera allows you to preserve stunning images and breathtaking videos of marine life, coral reefs, and unforgettable moments beneath the surface. Buying the right scuba diving

3 Best Mask Anti-Fog Treatments Reviewed

When you’re scuba diving or snorkeling, there’s nothing more annoying than a mask that keeps fogging up.  It significantly reduces your field of vision and prevents you from properly enjoying

5 Best Scuba Diving Knives & Shears

While it certainly sounds cool, dive knives are not for fending off waves of sharks in the ocean. Dive knives are for safety. There are several horror stories of divers

Garmin Mk2 Review

Garmin Descent MK2i Review: Yes it’s Worth the $1295

https://youtu.be/uePO3MazIVY After a long wait, the Garmin Descent Mk2 (and Mk2i) finally arrived! When self-professed dive newbies Garmin leapt headfirst into the diving industry in 2018 with the Garmin Descent Mk1, they surpassed