Types of Diving

Learn about the different time of diving experiences as we explore the various types of diving. From the convenience and mobility of boat diving to the accessibility and exploration of shore diving. Dive into the thrill of drift diving as you effortlessly glide with the current, or venture into the mysterious realm of night diving to witness a whole new array of nocturnal marine life. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, a challenge, or adventure there’s a type of diving suited to you.

scuba diver with under water with a scuba diving light

Drift Diving 101: A Complete Guide

There’s nothing more frustrating than a dive entirely into the current. Instead of focusing on all the beautiful sites of the dive, all you can think about is how bad

Diver using Nitrox

What is Nitrox? Why Should I Use It?

As a scuba diver, you’ve almost certainly heard of nitrox. At the very least, you’ll recognize the distinctive green-and-yellow tanks. But… What exactly is nitrox? Or EANx?! And should you