Scuba Diving

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11 Equalizing Tips for New Scuba Divers

In my diving experience, failure to equalize is the skill that stops most divers from completing their certification and going underwater. Any instructor worth their salt will make sure that

Scuba Diving Bar And PSI Converter

For beginner scuba divers, it might seem like there’s so much new information to learn. SPGs and SMBs, first stages and second stages, convert bar to PSI…. What?! Depending on where

Quino el gaurdian liveaboard boat on the ocean around Socorro

Best Liveaboards In Socorro

So you’ve heard that the only way to experience the mind-blowing magic of scuba diving in Socorro is on a dive liveaboard. As one of the world’s top dive destinations for big bucket list marine

Ari Queen liveaboard boat on the ocean in the Maldives

5 Best Maldives Liveaboards Of 2023

As a remote, island nation with over 1,000 coral-fringed islands separated by current swept channels. It’s easy to understand why the Maldives is one of the world’s top scuba diving destinations and places

Pawara budget liveaboard boat on the ocean in Thailand

Top 5 Best Liveaboards In Thailand

So you’ve heard that liveaboard diving is the only way to access the very best scuba diving in Thailand. After taking a look at the different dive liveaboards in Thailand, you’re

Austin ready for a dive at Blue Heron Bridge

9 Best Scuba Diving BCDs (PADI Instructor Tested) The right buoyancy control device (BCD) provides divers with the ability to fine-tune their buoyancy, ensuring comfort, stability, and ease of movement throughout their dives. The idea of buying

City coastline photo of Sardinia, Italy

10 Best Dive Sites in the Sardinia, Italy for 2023

When you first think of Sardinia you’re probably imagining delicious food, friendly people, and ancient ruins. Not scuba diving. But Sardinia is actually considered one of the Mediterranean’s top scuba diving

Diver doing a backward roll into the ocean

Why Scuba Divers Fall Backwards Off Boats

Scuba diving can be a pretty mysterious hobby for the average person. It’s full of systems, tools and procedures built to counteract and account for every scenario. One of the

Diver using Nitrox

What is Nitrox? Why Should I Use It?

As a scuba diver, you’ve almost certainly heard of nitrox. At the very least, you’ll recognize the distinctive green-and-yellow tanks. But… What exactly is nitrox? Or EANx?! And should you

Suunto Zoop novo dive computer on white background

Suunto Zoop Novo Review

Suunto Zoop Novo Review Summary The Suunto Zoop Novo is known as one of the simplest dive computers out there. It has basic functionalities and not too much more – you can’t