Deepblu Cosmiq+ Review (A Divemasters Thoughts)

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Deepblu Cosmiq+

Before I start this review, I first want to thank the Deepblu team for sending me a Deepblu Cosmiq+. I used the device as my primary dive computer around 75 dives, with part of them occurring during my divemaster training.

During my training period, I used the dive computer in the pool, guiding new divers through shallow sites, as well as on deeper dives (100ft+).

I put this post together to share my thoughts on the computer with you all, in order for you to figure out if it’s the right dive computer for you.

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Initial Thoughts

Overall, the Deepblu Cosmiq+ is an incredible option for recreational and lifestyle divers looking to get a budget computer that gets the job done. The battery life on the computer is decent, and could be improved, but again, it’s a budget dive computer.

The social diving aspect of the computer is interesting concept, but to be completely honest, it doesn’t seem to have too much traction YET.

If you’re a dive professional, or a tech diver, this is not the right fit for you as it’s missing lots of luxury features such as air integration, trimix gas customization, and smart watch features.

If you’d like to learn everything the dive computer has to offer, then keep reading!

Beginner Alternative
Deepblu Cosmiq+
  • Compact size & slim design
  • Simple to use, affordable
  • Top-class digital app with logbook
  • Intuitive set up + easy to change settings
  • Social media integration
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Very affordable smart dive watch
  • Hard to read in direct sunlight
  • Not suitable for tech/trimix
  • No altitude option
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User Interface

The user interface of the dive computer isn’t super intuitive and takes some getting used to.

In order to navigate the device, there’s two buttons on each side of the device. 

Left Button (Mode) – The left button of the device is used to cycle through the dive computer modes.

Right Button (Adjust) – The right button lets you interface with the different settings inside of a mode.

There are some settings such as date and time, etc that are only available to change through the mobile app thats available on both iPhone and Android.

Next, we’ll cover all of the different modes, their functionality, and more.

Deepblu Cosmiq+ Dive Modes

The Deepblu Cosmiq+ has six different modes to cycle through. You can view what mode you’re currently on via the bar at the top of the computers screen.

We’ll go into depth on all of the computers modes now.

Watch Mode

The “Watch mode” on COSMIQ+ displays the current time and date and let’s you create a dive plan.

To access this feature, navigate to Watch Mode and press the ADJUST button.

Once activated, the display will show the letters “PLAN” along with values for depth and the corresponding no-decompression limit (NDL).

By pressing the ADJUST button repeatedly, you can cycle through different depth options ranging from 9 meters (30 feet) to 40 meters (135 feet). The bottom-right corner of the display will show the corresponding NDL in minutes. It’s important to note that the Dive Plan function will not display depths beyond your NDL or the maximum operating depth (MOD) for safety reasons.

Once you have finished using the Dive Plan function, you can press the MODE button at any time to switch back to Watch Mode, where you can view the current time and other features of the COSMIQ+ device.

If you notice any discrepancies in the time and date, you can easily synchronize your COSMIQ+ device with the Deepblu app to ensure accurate information.

Scuba Mode

Scuba Diving Mode Interface

The “Scuba mode” on the Deepblu COSMIQ+ is designed to measure and present essential dive information during scuba diving. The watch will automatically switch to this mode upon detecting it’s underwater, or by manually putting the computer in the mode.

This is likely where you’re going to be spending a majority of your time so we’ll go over all of the settings here.

Some of the metrics tracked by the computer include:

  • Oxygen level
  • Safety factor
  • Ascent Rates
  • Central Nervous System Toxicity
  • Safety Stops
  • Decompression Limits and Stops

Oxygen Level

To adjust the oxygen level in your air mix on the COSMIQ+, you need to press the ADJUST button repeatedly. This will cycle through different oxygen levels, starting from the standard air mix of 21% and going up to 40% for nitrox.

As you change the oxygen level, the COSMIQ+ will display the corresponding maximum operating depth at the bottom of the screen.

Once you have set the desired oxygen level, you can press the MODE button to return to Scuba Mode. If you have changed the oxygen level to anything other than 21%, the Nitrox icon on the COSMIQ+ will light up, indicating that a different oxygen level is in use.

It’s important to note that the oxygen level setting will be retained between dives unless you manually change it. This allows you to maintain your preferred oxygen level for subsequent dives without needing to adjust it every time.

Safety Factor

The Safety Factor feature on the COSMIQ+ enables you to control the decompression algorithm used for performing decompression calculations. It gives you the ability to select a level of conservativeness based on your personal preference and unique risk factors.

By default the safety factor is set to normal (Nr).

The other options are “Co” for Conservative, and “Pr” for Progressive.

Changes to the Safety Factor can only be done through the Deepblu app.

No-Decompression Limit (NDL) Tracking

No-Decompression Time Limit
No Bars
NDL exceeded
1 Bar
0-15 min
2 Bar
5-15 min
3 Bar
15-30 min
4 Bar
30-60 min
5 Bar
> 60 min

Ascent Rates

The COSMIQ+ device considers an ascent rate slower than 12 meters (40 feet) per minute as a safe rate.

If you exceed this recommended ascent rate, the device will trigger an alarm, which will continue until you reduce your ascent speed to a safer level.

The ascent rate bar on the COSMIQ+ operates according to a specific table, which provides guidelines and feedback based on your current ascent speed.

This feature helps promote safer diving practices and prevents potentially dangerous rapid ascents.

Bar Indicator
Ascent Rate
No Bars
Slower than 4 m (13 ft) per minute
1 Bar
4–6 m (13–20 ft) per minute
2 Bar
6–8 m (20–26 ft) per minute
3 Bar
8–10 m (26–33 ft) per minute
4 Bar
10–12 m (33–40 ft) per minute
5 Bar
Faster than 12 m (40 ft) per minute

Central Nervous System Toxicity

The Deepblu Cosmiq+ also estimates your central nervous system toxicity level by tracking your current nitrox setting and the depth you’re at. If the computer detecs a potential hazardous level of CNS, the computer will set an alarm off.

Maximum Operating Depth (MOD) exceeded

If you surpass the Maximum Operating Depth (MOD) during a dive, the COSMIQ+ device will also activate an alarm. The screen will display flashing letters “PO2” along with an arrow indicator instructing you to ascend to a shallower depth. The alarm will persist until you ascend above the MOD.

Bottom Timer Mode

The bottom timer mode on the COSMIQ+ serves as a depth gauge and timer but does not perform decompression calculations.

This mode is specifically designed for providing information about depth and time during a dive without incorporating decompression calculations.

In the previous COSMIQ model, this mode was referred to as Gauge Mode.

Freedive Mode

The Deepblu COSMIQ+ is equipped with features that measure and present crucial dive information during freediving. It provides real-time display of essential details relevant to your freedive, such as depth and time.

Additionally, it allows you to set alarms for specific time and depth thresholds, ensuring that you are alerted when reaching predetermined limits.

Log Mode

In this mode, you can view data on your past dives. The current software on the Deepblu Cosmiq+ allows you to view up to 200 dives. After that, newer dives overwrite the oldest dive in memory.

The Deepblu mobile app allows you to export these, in order to clear up space, and post them on their social media feature, which we’ll cover later in the guide.

In order to connect to the app, you’ll want to be in Sync mode, which we’ll cover next.

Sync Mode

The Deepblu COSMIQ+ offers the convenience of syncing with the Deepblu app, enabling you to transfer dive data and make changes to your device’s settings.

By connecting your COSMIQ+ to the app, you can seamlessly transfer dive logs and access detailed information about your dives.

Additionally, the app provides an overview of your device’s settings and allows you to check the current firmware version, ensuring you have the latest updates for optimal performance.

Social Diving

The dive computers largest claim to fame is likely the social diving feature.

Divers can sync their dives to the mobile app and share photos, depth profiles, and more. 

Content is displayed on the different feeds, featured, following, and live.

The app also features a database of dive sites around the world, but again, it’s in it’s early stages.

Design and Build Quality

Deepblue cosmiq dive computer color variations

The Deepblu Cosmiq+ also comes in five different colorations, as well as multiple band types. The Deepblu Cosmiq’s build can be separated into three main components:

  • The housing
  • The screen
  • The band

The Housing

As I stated above, I’ve used the computer on around 75 dives so far, and it’s got some minor dents and scratches, on the frame although this is to be expected for a computer at this price point. The housing is made out of Fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate which is certainly a lower end material.

The Band

The band comes in multiple colors and is 24-mm Ballistic Nylon. It also comes with a bungee cord for use with thick wetsuits or drysuits.

The Screen

The devices screen is made from polycarbonate with an 8h hardness coating. It’s pretty durable and hasn’t gotten too many scratches on it. 

Battery and Charging

The next aspect of the computer I wanted to cover is the charging methods and battery life.

To be completely honest, I didn’t find the battery life of the computer to be anything to write home about. 

On top of that, the charging method can be frustrating compared to other dive computers I’ve used. The magnetic strip is really not that strong, and is dislodged easily, sometimes without you noticing. This has happened to me before leaving me with a low charge for my day of diving.

Beginner Alternative
Deepblu Cosmiq+
  • Compact size & slim design
  • Simple to use, affordable
  • Top-class digital app with logbook
  • Intuitive set up + easy to change settings
  • Social media integration
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Very affordable smart dive watch
  • Hard to read in direct sunlight
  • Not suitable for tech/trimix
  • No altitude option
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