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Mares Puck Pro Review (Updated 2022)

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Are you looking for a super simple and easy-to-use dive computer?

Well, the Mares Puck Pro could be the computer for you.

It’s an entry-level dive computer with industry-standard features coming in a cool range of colors. With its low price tag, it’s perfect for beginners.

Keep reading to find out about the features and functions of the Mares Puck Pro, and how it shapes up to other popular entry-level dive computers.

Review Summary

The Mares Puck Pro is one of the simplest dive computers on the market. It doesn’t have advanced functionalities but that’s fair given the price tag.

It’s super-stylish with an oversized watch look and some cool colors. It’s simple and effective with single-button navigation so no one can get lost even if they try.

The original Mares Puck was the first with a simple single-button navigation system. Scuba divers worldwide love the simplicity of design.

And last but not least. It’s bargain buckets. This dive computer is a great value given its functionalities!

Why Get Your Own Dive Computer?

It’s the 21st century and computers are in. Long gone are the days when scuba divers need to get their dive tables out. Now computers can calculate every variable imaginable, allowing for maximum safety while diving.

Features And Functionality

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Big display and easy to read
  • Large logbook capacity
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Air, Nitrox, and Gauge Modes


  • You can’t wear it as a watch
  • No air integration
  • No built-in compass
  • No depth alarm
  • Not many advanced features

Simple Is Better

The Mares Puck Pro is so simple you can’t get lost. The one-button interface makes the dive computer super easy to navigate and operate.

You press the button to scroll through the menu and hold it down to adjust the menu you’re on. It makes it easy to use while wearing gloves too!

Keeping Up Appearances

The Mares Puck Pro is a good looking dive computer. Rumour has it that the computer is named so because it’s the size of a hockey puck.

It’s over 2 inches in diameter and nearly an inch thick making it hardy and durable. It’s fairly sizeable for a dive computer but that makes it easy to read.

It has a rubber watch-style strap which is long enough to go over a wetsuit or drysuit. The mineral glass crystal segment display can set it to imperial or metric. You can adjust the backlight display to 1-10 seconds before fading to preserve the battery.

If it remains in pre-dive mode for more than 10 minutes without its button pressed, it’ll switch off. You can also put it into Off Mode to take the computer out of dive mode.

Dive Mode, Surface Interval And No-Fly Times

The Mares Puck Pro defaults to turn on in pre-dive mode so it’s ready to go whenever you’re about to dive into the ocean blue! It’s worth ensuring it’s in the correct mode before submerging though. If you start a dive without this, it’ll delay the start of calculations by 20 seconds after submerging.

It starts calculating once it’s 1.2 meters or 4 feet underwater. The backlight will come on when you press the button. You can alter the settings while on surface mode – but not while you’re underwater. In dive mode, the computer performs decompression calculations and monitors depth, time, temperature.

On surfacing, calculations are paused unless you re-submerge within three minutes. After three minutes of surfacing, the dive is logged. Following a dive, the surface interval is displayed. As well as desaturation time and no-fly time, which show until they hit zero.

Safety First

When it comes to scuba diving – safety is the most important thing.

The purpose of a computer is to provide you with data about your dive.

Some factors dive computers track are:

  • No stop limits
  • Depth
  • Time
  • No stop time remaining
  • Ascent rate
  • Emergency decompression
  • Previous dive information
  • Low battery warning

One of the biggest risks of diving is air embolisms.

An air or gas embolism is a bubble which becomes trapped causing a block in a blood vessel. It can occur to scuba divers if they spend too long underwater, surface too quickly, or if they breath hold when ascending.

This can be easily avoided by following your computer’s guidelines, and ascending at a safe speed which your computer can tell you.

Computer calculations of your ascent speed are better than guesstimating by following the ‘smallest bubble’.

What happens when the bubbles coalesce and get too big?

Who says what size of bubble is safe to follow?

If your computer is air integrated it can calculate how much time is left before finishing your air.

It’s arguably the first piece of equipment you should buy as a scuba diver. If you have your own computer, it can calculate your limits for multiple dives in a day and days in a row. Computers are safer. Trust them!

More About Mares

Mares is one of the largest manufacturers of scuba diving equipment. Founded 70 years ago, they initially made diving masks and spearguns.
Now they provide all the equipment you could need for scuba diving and freediving.

As well as snorkeling and spearfishing – the list goes on! From diving fins and wetsuits all the way to BCDs. Their equipment ranges from beginner level to advanced level, so you can stay with them through your diving career.

Mares Puck Pro Versus Competitors

When scuba divers are talking dive computers for beginners, there are four main players.

The Mares Puck Pro, AquaLung i200, Suunto Zoop Novo, and Cressi Leonardo.

They’re on a similar level in terms of functionality and reliability.

They’re all of great quality and price with just a few small differences.

All of the dive computers have Nitrox capabilities and USB connectivity. None of them have an integrated compass.

There’s also the slightly tweaked upgrade of the Mares Puck Pro – the Mares Puck Pro Plus.

It has similar functionality but has a few aesthetic modifications. It comes in black, white, yellow, lime, red, and blue. And they come in block colors, which look a little sleeker.

Otherwise, the main upgrade with the Plus model is with connectivity and adaptability. It has Bluetooth with a clip connector so you can download dive data straight to your smartphone without the need for a cable.

However, this functionality isn’t perfect as it’s in the early stages of its release. Perhaps the technology needs more work before recommending unless you prefer the colors of the Plus! Note that most dive computers at this level don’t include the USB cable. They’re an optional add on which you buy separately.

To decide which computer you prefer, work out what features you want, then read all the reviews!

Perks of Dive Computers

Safety First

When it comes to scuba diving – safety is the most important thing. We’re all there to have fun but you can’t do that without being safe. Apart from well-functioning dive gear, the priority for safety is having a dive computer.

The purpose of a computer is to provide you with information about the science of your dive. How deep you are, how much time you can spend at depth without getting too much nitrogen in your body, etc..

One of the biggest risks of diving is air embolisms. This can be easily avoided by ascending at a safe speed which your computer can tell you.

Dive computers help to limit human error. Computer calculations of your ascent speed are better than guesstimating by following the ‘smallest bubble’. What happens when the bubbles coalesce and get too big? Who says what size of the bubble is safe to follow?

If your computer is air integrated it can even calculate how much time is left before you breathe through your air. It’s arguably the first piece of equipment you should buy as a scuba diver.

And importantly, if you have your own computer, it can calculate your limits for multiple dives in a day and days in a row. Computers are safer. Trust them!


Dive computers are more accurate than dive tables. They track your dives to specific depths and times. This means you have the most accurate no-decompression time.

With this, you can enjoy staying underwater for as long as possible, and in the safest way.

Dive tables are limited as they’re based on the deepest part of a dive. Rather than considering the shallow parts of your dive too. Using a dive computer means you can get the most of your underwater world experience! Which is what we all came for.

Dive Log

Dive computers allow you to have a dive log that stores all your information on your wrist. They make reviewing and documenting your dives easy.

And most can be connected to a computer so you can save your dive data straight to your laptop. Or with fancy modern models, you can Bluetooth the data straight to your phone. Handy!

Dive Nitrox, Trimix and at Altitude

Most modern computers have the capacity to calculate your limits using Nitrox. Some more advanced computers can do the same with trimix if you’re technical diving. If you thought standard dive tables were confusing, wait until you see them for Nitrox! It’s a whole different world.

Most dive computers will also allow you to calculate everything at an altitude too. Make your life easier and let the computer do the work!


If you’re diving at all frequently, it’s definitely worth making the investment. Renting a computer for each dive can become costly! It’s financially more efficient to have your own. The good news is entry-level dive computers hold their resale value as they’re always in high demand too. eBay here we come.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – the dive computer can operate Nitrox settings between 21-99%. pO2 levels can be adjusted between 1.2-1.6 bar.

The maximum operating depth is 150 meters or 492 feet.

There are four altitude settings up to 3,700 meters or 12,100 feet.

Of course. You can enter your intended depth and the dive computer will calculate how long you can stay.

This is based on your last dive, surface interval, and desaturation time. Calculations are made assuming you’ve spent your previous dive at the average depth.

The battery life is around 300-500 dives. Use in cold water, and heavy backlight and beeper use will decrease longevity. The battery icon doesn’t show while it is well charged.

The battery icon appears once it’s running low. At this point, there is the capacity for a few more dives. It’s safest to change the battery at this point. Once the battery icon starts blinking, it won’t turn on underwater and you’ll need to replace that old battery!

Luckily, it won’t set you back too much. The Mares Replacement Battery Kit is around $15USD including a battery, o-ring, and battery case. You can replace the battery yourself (Lithium battery CR2450). The battery compartment is sealed off from the rest of the computer so if it floods, it’s protected.

It doesn’t have air integration, a compass, or trimix. And it doesn’t have a depth alarm. This is important for scuba divers with depth restrictions due to medical reasons.

If you want advanced functionalities, it’s worth exploring mid-level diving computers. But remember, the extra bells and whistles are going to cost you! If you need them, it’s worth paying more. If you don’t then keep it simple with an affordable entry-level dive computer. Some more advanced models are the Suunto Vyper Novo, Suunto D4i Novo, D6i Novo, and the Shearwater Perdix AI.

As with all your prized possessions it pays to maintain and care for your dive computer. We know how important dive gear is for scuba divers!

There are a few things you can do to get the best longevity and performance from your dive computer. Make sure to always rinse it with fresh water after each dive. Always dry the computer off and keep it in a well-ventilated place away from the damp.

Sea salt, sweat, and sunscreen accumulation can affect all parts of your dive computer. Check their condition regularly – including the metal components, the band, and clasp. Always check before your dive before it’s too late!

The Mares Puck Pro is pretty durable, and should only need servicing every two years. Review all the functions of the computer, the waterproof seal, and its calibration when it’s serviced.

Yessir – it comes with a two-year limited warranty.

A Beginner’s Bargain

The Mares Puck Pro dive computer has all the functionalities that divers need! It’s perfect for beginners or as a backup for more advanced divers.

The single button interface makes it super easy to navigate and use underwater. Plus it looks groovy and keeps you safe!

If you’re in the market for a new dive computer, or perhaps your first, the Mares Puck Pro is a great affordable option. As always, scour the internet for the best deals. Different vendors offer different prices and there are
some bargains to be had!

Mares Puck Pro

Well, the Mares Puck Pro could be the computer for you.

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