20 Best Scuba Diving Facebook Groups (2023 Update)

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Facebook groups are a great place to connect with other divers, get recommendations for your area or abroad, find new and used dive gear, and learn from others about things from weather to dive accidents.

In this article, I’ll list the 20 best Facebook groups in 2023 for you to join.

Screenshot of Scuba Diving South Florida Facebook Group

Best Scuba Facebook Groups

Some of these groups are very specific in places and types of diving to the very general. I am in groups on places that I would like to go to or have been to, I also like to learn from others and join those types of groups. 

There is something here for everyone and I have listed them with the link, a little about the page, and the number of people in the group.

OtterAquatics’s FB Group

We just created this group, but are excited to start building a community of like-minded scuba divers. In the group, we share all new OtterAquatics content, and answer questions asked by other divers. Be one of the first 100 to join and DM Austin for a surprise!

45k+ members. The page is one just for scuba lovers and you can ask/ answer questions and post anything you need including photos.

10k members. You can post your gear for sale, dive trips, and anything that you fancy as long as it is dive related.

10K+ members. As simple as its name just a diving group and this group is only for diving and having fun, not about politics or any other topics.

Example Post of Dive Gear For Sale on a Facebook Group

Dive Travel and Scuba Diving Information – 50k+ members. You can post anything but it needs to get approved first and you cannot sell anything. You can buy spots for your advertisements and youtube videos for $10. 50k+ Non-Scuba posts will not be approved. Spam and non-scuba posts will result in removal and immediate block.

65K+ members. It is the world’s largest scuba diving community for women. It is a community of women who are passionate about scuba diving. You can visit the Guides tab at the top of the group for more information. This group is managed by a team of volunteers.

18k+ members. This page is only for paid jobs. Both work for training/internship’ and ‘work for experience’ posts will be approved.

13K+ members. This group has trips and different dive shops that you are able to use and join. It also has photos and videos from all over Egypt from Hurgada to the Siani.

Scuba diver photographing coral reef in Egypt

4K+ members. The events are managed by www.coraldivestore.com but all members are allowed to post only events for diving trips but you cannot sell equipment.

Sri Lanka – 6K+ members. The group is intended to share information and posts on scuba diving in Sri Lanka. If you are a dive shop or resort you can promote your business here.

30K+ members. This group page will contain only real dive jobs that are available for real Instructors and Divemasters, that are offering paid positions around the world. No work for training only paid positions only (except for conservation/NGO projects). Learn more about how much dive instructors make or other interesting ways to make money from diving here. 

53K+ members. This page has everything from photos to gear sales, to trips. You can add anything as long as it is diver related.

A few Islands of Raja Ampat as seen by liveaboad

14K+ members. This group is for all divers who already or want some information on how to dive in Indonesia.

41K+ members. Even though scuba diving isn’t inherently dangerous, accidents do happen. This page has incidents that have happened to divers and posts about different techniques and scientific articles.

12K+ members. This is an extension to the DeeperBlue.com Forums and the same rules apply. They only have english posts and need to be reviewed.

37K+ members. This page is for diving all over the Philippines and you can sell gear, post photos, or even add your dive trip. 

landscape of Anilao coastline

20K+ members. This page is mostly dived shops and business selling trips and rooms.

33K+ members. The posts must be related to scuba, freediving, nautical, or marine life but no other rules besides that.

3K+ members. All sales/trades are considered “as is” or final and are between the seller and buyer. You need to send private messages to each other to deal with the money and shipping details.

8K+ members. This is another page for pictures, tips, questions, etc.

Scuba instructor talking about a dive location

33K+ members. It is another multiple-purpose page where you can sell gear, post videos/pictures, and do anything diving relates.

16K+ members. This group is dedicated to divemasters getting a diving job and working in the dive industry. A good divemaster of course can become a great diving instructor, but a lot want more experience before that next step and this group can help to make that happen.

113K+ members. This page is mostly photos and people looking for dive buddies around the world. They do have a good policy of not posting people touching marine life, reefs, or wrecks.

5K+ members. It is specific to that area in the Philippines and has lots of options for dive sites, to finding a dive buddy.

Divers practicing Buoyancy in a pool

7K+ members. This is a great place to pick up dive gear if you are in Thailand as lots of people get rid of gear after a course or don’t want to fly with it.

11K+ members. This page is for paid instructor jobs and discussions about the diving industry as well.

4K+ members. Specific to the UAE, but has everything you need for jobs, dive sites, and buying gear.

2.5K+ members. This group is for all diving centers in the Red Sea and divers for talking and discussing and caring about the Red Sea.

volunteers at a beach cleanup

14K+ members. This page is for Scuba Schools International a worldwide diver certification agency and educational support organization.

11K+ members. On this page are mostly dive resorts and live aboards. You can post diving products and questions as well if you have them.

27K+ members with a lot of advertising in English or Malay only. You can ask questions and post as well.

25K+ members. This group is for people who love marine life and want to conserve it. This group is for anyone wanting to visit or who lives in Malaysia and wants to learn more.

Scuba Diving Community

10K+ members. This group is open to all scuba diving enthusiasts in Singapore. You can share your pictures, experiences, and tips.

55K+ members. The Group for PADI / NAUI / SSI / CMAS members, divers, instructors, and all that are interested in recreational SCUBA diving. It is a general page to cover all topics.

1K+ members. If you are looking for a place where to take your PADI IDC this page has IDCs all over the world.

What are Scuba Diving Communities?

Scuba Diving communities are places on the internet that are usually monitored by an administrator (to make sure it stays on topic) where you can find information on Scuba diving, tips, reviews, maps, and photos. 

If you like to dive you can look through these groups and join those that interest you and invite others as well.

group of divers entering a Shore Dive

How to Use These Facebook Communities Successfully.

These groups are a place to communicate about diving with certain people. You can create a group for yourself or join one. 

These groups are usually private and you have to answer a few questions and promise not to abuse the group. While you can lurk and just read all the comments, to get the most out of these I would recommend getting involved and asking/answering questions. 

The more you interact the more you will get out of it and learn, you may even find your next dive buddy.  Not all pages are the same and these pages may vary. 

Scuba divers sitting at a table underwater

To navigate around them, there are tabs and pages to get around.

  • The discussion page is to post, ask questions, or share information.
  • Topics tab is a place that has hashtags and you can look for a specific type of post.
  • People tab is to see anyone in the group, but don’t message people unsolicited.
  • The media tab is where people may post videos, photos, and things like maps.
  • The file tab is the last page and has documents that you can use and learn from.
  • The events tab is a place for these people to get together in person or online.
  • Rooms are a place to watch live videos and chat with others.
  • At the top of the page is usually a pinned post with the rules or the newest happenings on the page.
  • Questions is a tab where common questions are answered and asked.
  • If you are uncomfortable you can always post anonymously.
  • There is also the search button if you want to find something that you can’t find or are searching for.

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