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5 Best Liveaboards In Mexico

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Epic marine life and crystal clear waters – with many of the best dive sites located far from shore.

Sandwiched by the Pacific coast and the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, Mexico is peppered with enviable scuba diving opportunities and awesome liveaboard routes.

Because of Mexico’s geography, many of the best diving locations are only accessible by boat. Liveaboards offer a unique chance to explore as much of Mexico’s gorgeous waters and islands as you can!

Most liveaboard diving is around the Pacific, from Socorro Islands to Guadalupe and The Sea of Cortez.

Mexico’s liveaboards are the best opportunity to explore Mexico’s unparalleled waters.

If you made us pick our favorite liveaboards in Mexico, they’d have to be:

Keen to hop on board? We’ll tell you all about the best of the best of liveaboards in Mexico so you can have the trip of a lifetime!

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Budget Mexico Liveaboards

  • AC: Yes
  • # of Divers: 32
  • Wifi: Extra
  • Nitrox: Yes
  • Drinks: No
  • Price: Low

The Nautilus Belle Amie is an epic scuba diving vessel. There are 17 modern staterooms of all different shapes and styles for up to 30 guests. From standard to premium and superior suites, plus triples rooms for best mates!
They’re all air-conditioned with en-suites. Some guests have said the rooms are so big, you may forget you’re not in a hotel.

It’s sister to the Nautilus Explorer and built to accommodate the needs and safety of divers. It’s even soundproofed so you can get some good kip in between long days of serious scuba diving!

In between scuba diving, you can hang out in the welcome shade of the bar and lounge, or get your tan started on the sun deck.

Inside, you can get busy in the bar area, and enjoy many delicious meals and snacks.

The welcoming staff of the Nautilus Belle Amie will help you have the liveaboard of your life! Jump aboard the Nautilus Belle Amie to explore Guadalupe or the Socorro Islands.

What we love

  • Best rating for price
  • New vessel
  • Jacuzzi/hot tub


  • Alcohol not included
  • More guests
  • Wifi not included

with Worldwide Shipping

Mid-range Mexico Liveaboards

The Rocio Del Mar is a gorgeous liveaboard that cruises Mexico all-year-round!
The grand vessel has 10 spacious rooms for 20 guests over two decks.

Every stateroom is air-conditioned with comfortable carpets, windows, and even en-suite bathrooms.
When you’re not scuba diving, relax on the sun deck or chill at the deck salon. This vessel is designed with minimizing sea-sickness in mind.

The big old dining area is conveniently located on the lower forward deck, so the movement of the ocean is felt as little as possible when you’re tucking into your meals.

The best thing about the Rocio Del Mar is the three epic itineraries you can choose from. Although they’re all so awesome, it might be hard to decide!

Take your pick from tours to Socorro, Baja California, or Cabo Pulmo. There’s even the option to do a shark observation night dive!

For the marine conservationists out there, Rocio Del Mar even has ‘Citizen Scientist’ itineraries. On these, you can spend time alongside experienced marine biologists during your whale, manta, and shark encounters.

What we love

  • Three epic itineraries
  • Good set-up for those prone to sea-sickness
  • Alcoholic beverages included


  • National Park fees
  • No wifi
  • Must have
    dive insurance

Leader in Liveaboard Sales

  • AC: Yes
  • # Divers: 20
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Nitrox: Extra
  • Drinks: Yes
  • Price: Average

Go scuba diving in the Baja California Peninsular aboard the MV Valentina Liveaboard Mexico!

On this liveaboard, you’ll be comfortable and live the high life. The Valentina Liveaboard was re-kitted out in 2013, so it’s pretty modern and plush. It has 10 cabins with air conditioning and en-suites.

For the foodies out there, there’s everything from Mexican to Asian and European cuisines! Plus, for the boozers, there’s a sizable open bar with everything from beer to cocktails and liquors. The wine’s included with meals, and there are of course soft drinks for everyone.

Between your many scuba dives, chill out on the sun deck in the shade or in the rays. At night time, you can watch the stars too.

The crew of the Valentina Liveaboard will look after you and make your trip one to remember!

Depending on the time of year you wish to travel, you could go to the Sea of Cortex or the Socorro Islands.

What we love

  • Night dives
  • Lots of alcohol choices
  • Wifi


  • Extra chamber fees
  • Nitrox is extra
  • No jacuzzi

Leader in Liveaboard Sales

  • AC: Yes
  • # of Divers: 26
  • Wifi: Extra
  • Nitrox: Yes
  • Drinks: Yes
  • Price: Medium

With 13 staterooms, the Socorro Aggressor is one of the larger boats, hosting up to 26 guests.
Master staterooms are equipped with grand queen beds, while the Deluxe’s have two single beds, for every combination of guests!

All rooms come with en-suites, plus towels, hairdryers, and bathrooms. This is a boujee boat! The rooms also have individual climate controls and media players.

Kick back on the sun deck is a beautiful spot to relax between scuba diving adventures.
The indoor dining room is found on the main deck, and is a place where you can expect to be fed like queens and kings!

From a big breakfast to local delicacies like tacos and tortillas throughout the day.

The Aggressor visits the Socorro Islands of Guadalupe. Here you can go cage diving with great white sharks.

Brace yourselves!

The incredibly clear waters of Guadalupe mean great white sightings are reliable. You’ll be in a high chance of sharing some moments with one of the apex predators of the ocean.


There are three surface cages plus one submersible cage, so guests can rotate every 30 minutes to maximize their shark sighting stats.

What we love

  • Shark cage diving
  • Extra dives and dive courses optional extras
  • Good for photographers


  • Paid internet
  • Extra for nitrox
  • Extra fees for national park, port and visas

Leader in Liveaboard Sales

Luxury Mexico Liveaboards

  • AC: Yes
  • # Divers: 14
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Nitrox: Yes
  • Drinks: Yes
  • Price: High

The Socorro Vortex Liveaboard is one to behold! It’s one of the plushest vessels of the highest standards, built by divers, for them.

With an intimate 14 guests, this is a set up for those who are ready to absolutely treat themselves.

There are 7 deluxe accommodations, with a range of sizes and bed setups for everyone’s needs. There’s even a California King bed on the upper deck in the Master Suite. Very tempting.

Between explorations of the big blue on your scuba diving adventures, there are plenty of places to relax onboard. Dine al fresco, socialize at the main deck lounge and bar, or bubble away in the jacuzzi. Indulge yourself with the complimentary bar and stay in touch with the world with wifi.

The Socorro Vortex was created by scuba divers, so the dive deck and platform are tailored to your needs. Kitting up has never been easier aboard a yacht. There’s plenty of storage and room for everyone to move around comfortably.

The Socorro Vortex offers nitrox only dives, which is complimentary. Fear not, if you’re not enriched air nitrox certified, you can fix that up on board. There’s even the option to do re-breather courses on full boat charter!

Book your trip of a lifetime on the Socorro Vortex now.


What we love

  • Best rated
  • Intimate
  • Many extras included


  • Sells out quickly
  • VAT not included
  • Price

Leader in Liveaboard Sales

When To Go To On a Mexican Liveaboard

Mexico is one of the spectacular places in the world that you can visit all year round!

The time of year that’s best to scuba dive in Mexico depends on your liveaboard destination.

If you’re heading to the Sea of Cortez, you can dive all year round, but plan for July to October. The whale sharks will come and say hello in the balmy high 20’s waters from September to November!

Their season runs from November to December in Socorro, which is best to visit from then until May. Humpbacks say hi from December to February. Choose your travel time based on your favorite marine creatures!
Heads up – if you’re used to diving in the tropics, be prepared for a temperature drop. Water can dip from 28 in November to the very low 20s during February and March. It’s worth packing a few extra layers of neoprene for those months!

If you’re keen on great whites, you want to visit from July to November when it’s time for sharks to snack on elephant seals! The best vis runs from August to October, though temperatures can drop to the high teens around Guadalupe.

Marine Life In Mexico

Depending on your liveaboard destination, you’ll come across different marine life!

Hit up the Sea of Cortez and swim with sea lions, and get lost in schools of sardines and hammerheads.

From November to May, cruise the Socorro Islands. It takes a whole day and night to get there, but the journey’s more than worth it!

You can scuba dive with giant oceanic manta rays, play with dolphins, plus swim alongside the biggest fish in the ocean (the whale shark)!

If you’re lucky you may even share a moment with humpback whales who come to say hello from January to April.

They breed and calve and you may see them in the hundreds!

Dive with sea lions at Baja California and watch jumping devil rays in Cabo Pulmo, the world’s most successful marine park!

Dive Locations in Mexico

Socorro Island and the Revillagigedos are part of an archipelago 250 miles from Cabo San Lucas on the tip of the Baja peninsula.

It’s most famous dive site is The Boiler, which was recently designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site – a hot spot for big pelagics!

This isn’t a dive site for the faint-hearted – it’s recommended for advanced divers only.

The Sea of Cortez is found between the Baja California Peninsula and Mexico’s mainland.

Top spots to visit here are Los Islotes (home to hundreds of sea lions!) and La Reina (manta city).
There are even grey whales and during winter, our favorite big spotty fish, the whale shark. These sites are much easier to dive.

Generally, The Sea of Cortez is beginner-friendly.
A few hundred kilometers off the Baja Peninsula is Isla Guadalupe.

One of the best great white shark diving locations in the world! The best thing is that even beginners can get involved by doing snorkels from surface cages – no experience required!

If you want to have your cake and eat it, hit up Cabo San Lucas. At the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, you’ll find Gordo Banks and Pelican Rock. These are world-famous dive sites for their schooling Mobula rays, whales, sharks, and seals! And dolphins. Did we mention them?!


Mexico Liveaboards offer an epic way to escape the real world!

Explore untouched landscapes, watch surreal sunsets, and get to know other-worldly creatures.
On these five luxury liveaboards, you’ll be able to do some of the best scuba diving in the world!

What’re you waiting for?

Jump on board.

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