Garmin Descent MK1 (Dive Computer Review)

man wearing Garmin MK1 on the beach

Jumping into the once saturated dive computer market is the outdoor sports titan’s Garmin, with their Descent MK1. Is the Descent MK1 worth the hype? Is it right for you? Do you even need a dive computer at all? Here we offer a rundown of the features and functions of the Garmin Descent MK1, so you can decide […]

Shearwater Teric Dive Computer Review: Is It Worth $1170?

Shearwater Teric In this article, we dive into the ins and outs of the Shearwater Teric, a high-end dive computer that’s made quite the splash in the diving community. Whether you’re looking for your first dive computer or you’re a seasoned tech diver, the Teric is an excellent option. Shearwater is renowned for its powerful, sturdy, and […]

Suunto D4i Novo Computer Review (PADI Instructor Tested)

Suunto d4i Dive computer product shot If you’ve looked into buying a dive computer in the last few years, you have undoubtedly come across the Suunto D4i Novo. It is one of the most popular models in the world and it’s easy to see why. It combines a simple, rugged design with style, a reasonable price point, and the technical heft […]

Suunto D5 Dive Computer Review (PADI Divemaster Tested)

Suunto D5 dive computer product photo If you’ve looked at buying a new dive computer, you’ve probably come across the Suunto D5. In fact, given its sleek design, you could be forgiven for mistaking it for a smart or sports watch instead of a dive computer. Dive equipment giants Suunto released the D5 in early 2019 and since then it […]