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Scuba Diving Calculators

Sometimes scuba diving requires some complicated calculations to be done.

Rather than get a headache trying to them all in your head, we’ve made some for you! 

So the question is how much weight do you need for scuba diving? While the answer is different for every diver, the goal is to have just enough weight to dive safely and efficiently but not an ounce more.

We’ve created this calculator to help you figure out the right amount of weight you need for diving. (and you can read more about weight and buoyancy here).

About You:

Your Equipment:

Your Environment:

Your surface air consumption is a figure that can be really helpful for your development as a diver.  One of the best ways to improve your scuba diving is to look at your SAC rate – or Surface Air Consumption Rate. 

We’ve created this calculator to make your SAC calculations super easy. (and you can read more bout SAC here).

Both PSI and bar are measurements of pressure, which is defined as “the amount of force applied per unit of area”. 1 ATM is roughly equivalent to 1 Bar: 1.013 bar = 1 ATM. As a result, it is much easier to measure atmospheric pressure in Bars than PSI, which is around 14.7 PSI to 1 ATM.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all in your head. We’ve created this Bar to PSI converter for you to make things easy (and you can read more bout Bar and PSI here).


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