On today’s internet, there’s a vast amount of misleading and misguided information trying to push you toward a certain outcome.

At OtterAquatics, we are concerned with the truth. We are the ultimate resource when it comes to scuba diving, snorkeling, the oceans, and more.


Our Mission

Whether you’re looking to plan your next dive vacation, purchase your next (or first!) piece of scuba gear, or become a better diver, we’ve got you covered!

Field Tested Information

Accurate health information is hard to come by nowadays. Total Shape adheres to the strictest standards to ensure that our team of fitness trainers, medical experts, and professional journalists deliver only trustworthy content.

We strive to help you improve the quality of your health by publishing well-researched information on safe and effective supplements, workout regimens, and nutritious meals that will keep you satisfied.

We are here to encourage you to conquer your daily health battles, one day at a time.

Zero Marketing PrejudiceYour Feedback Is Important to Us

No Marketing Prejudice

In order to ensure our reviews are honest and accurate, we use every single piece of gear listed on our website. We also obtain the products anonymously, so that we are not influenced by certain brands’ interests.

We use actual first-hand experience combined with an extensive research process to provide the latest scuba diving industry insights. Our content review process is a recurring process, and always includes the most up-to-date information and facts as soon as it comes available to us.

How OtterAquatics Makes Money

OtterAquatics.com receives income in the form of affiliate commissions from some of the products and services it reviews.

OtterAquatics also receives income from display advertisements that you may see on certain pages of the site.

OtterAquatics refuses to service brands and merchants who we believe are not providing an honest or high quality service.

Regardless of whether we are paid or not.

Feedback is Important

Our goal is to provide the most accurate and high quality data out there.

In the event you have any questions, concerns, comments, or find an inaccurate claim, please reach out to us at austin@otteraquatics.com