Our mission is to educate all types of ocean enthusiasts.

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At OtterAquatics, we work to educate our readers about the underwater world and the many ways to engage with it. We’ve still got a lot to accomplish, but since 2017, we’ve informed over 1 Million People on our water related passions.

Whether getting your feet wet for the first time, completing your divemasters, or looking to chase corals and ocean life across the globe, we’ve done the research for you.

PADI Certified Dive Masters

All of our writers are experts in all things diving and are here to provide the most accurate and up to date information when it comes to anything above or below the water’s surface. 

Austin Tuwiner

Founder & Expert PADI Diver

Hi there – I’m Austin. I’ve been fascinated with the ocean and the waters since a young age. I’m now living in Miami, Florida, working in the South Florida scuba diving industry as much and learning everything I can in hopes to keep sharing my knowledge with others.

Teagan Kane

Expert PADI Diver & Freediver

Teagan is a scuba and freediving master instructor with PADI and Molchanovs. He is currently based in Amed, Indonesia, but often travels to teach and dive. He has been diving for over 13 years but was a lifeguard and boat driver since age 15.

Chris Botting

Expert PADI Diver & Freediver

Chris is a qualified scuba instructor and freedive instructor. He began his diving career in Europe before moving to Africa and is now based on a tiny island in Indonesia. He has a huge passion for everything aquatic and loves capturing amazing images of the underwater world.

Alexa Worsick

Founder & Expert PADI Diver

Alexa is a scuba diving instructor currently based in Indonesia. She’s been diving since 15 years old and has always been obsessed with the ocean.She left the UK in 2017 to travel South East Asia, discovering a series of opportunities allowed her to stay and pursue her passion for diving.

Rachel Tannhauser

Founder & Expert PADI Diver

Rachel is a freelance content writer from Southampton, England who traded a career in science for a digital nomad life on the sunny beaches of Gili Trawangan. If not writing or scuba diving, she is probably working out at Crossfit, whipping up culinary delights, or befriending with the nearest feline.


Our mission is to educate all types of ocean enthusiasts.

OtterAquatics is based out of Miami, Florida, but is an entirely remote company, with its team all over the world, including Canada, Belize, Philippines, Indonesia,  Australia, and more!

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