At OtterAquatics, our mission is to educate our readers about the underwater world and the many ways to engage with it.

We’ve still got a lot to accomplish, but since 2017, we’ve educated over 1 Million People on our water related passions including:
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Freediving
  • And More!

The Founder

Austin Tuwiner

Austin Site Owner fishing

Hi there – I’m Austin. I’ve been fascinated with the ocean and the waters since a young age. 

I’m now living in Miami, Florida, diving as much as I can while learning everything I can about marine life.

I’m working on completing my dive master.

My goal with the website is to educate people about my water-related passions while teaching them how to engage with them in a healthy, sustainable manner.

Scuba Experts

Chris Botting

Chris Botting

Alexa Worswick

Chris is a qualified scuba instructor as well as a qualified freedive instructor. He began his diving career in Europe before moving to Africa and is now based on on a tiny island in Indonesia.

He has a huge passion for everything aquatic and loves capturing amazing images of the underwater world.

Teaching scuba and freediving allows Chris to share his passion with a wide variety of people and let them experience first hand the beauties of the ocean.

When Chris is not underwater you won’t have to look too far. Just head top side where you’ll find him surfing with all the guys on Bongkas Reef.

Alexa is a scuba diving instructor currently based in Indonesia. She’s been diving since 15 years old and has always been obsessed with the ocean.

After leaving the UK at the beginning of 2017 to travel around South East Asia. A series of opportunities allowed her to stay, where she gained online marketing experience and pursued her passion for diving.

What she loves most about diving is the people. Diving allows her to connect with people from all over the world, from all different backgrounds with different experiences, who all come together to share their love for the
underwater world.

Natasha Allen

Rachen Thannhauser

Tash is a Divemaster and ocean conservationist, currently based down under in Aussie. She’s chasing an endless summer while sharing the love of the underwater world.

When she’s not guiding people in the water, showing them epic marine life, she’s communicating about it as a freelance copywriter and social media manager.

In her spare time, you’ll catch her exploring, hiking, and riding horses. Or more likely down the pub or beach bar with mates.

Rachel is a freelance content writer from Southampton, England. Last year she traded a career in science for a digital nomad life on the sunny beaches of Gili Trawangan.

When she’s not writing, or scuba diving, you can find her lifting heavy things in a Crossfit gym, whipping up culinary delights in the kitchen or making friends with the nearest feline.

Justin Carmack

Tommy Kudo

Justin created the incredible resource ArtOfScubaDiving which was acquired by OtterAquatics in 2020. 

He’s now pumping out incredible videos over at Critter Hunter where he documents some of the most intriguing (and sometimes unknown) species of microfauna.

Tommy is an SSI scuba diving instructor currently based in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia. After trying scuba diving for the first time in 2017, he has been absolutely hooked with the sport ever since.

After diving all over south-east Asia, he decided to come back and make Gili Trawangan his home, and make his hobby a career, and he hasn’t looked back since!

Steven Wamser

Steven has kept and bred dozens of breeds of fish, and designed and maintained both freshwater and reef systems, giving him a very well-rounded knowledge base and immense passion for the aquarium hobby.  Steven is currently studying the Mangrove Killi in Belize, one of the most unique fish in the world given that they can live in trees.

Teagan Kane

Teagan is a scuba and freediving master instructor with PADI and Molchanovs. Currently based in Amed, Indonesia, but always traveling to teach and dive. He has been diving for over 13 years but was a lifeguard and boat driver since he was 15.

He left the USA in 2010 and has spent most of his time in Asia. Diving from the Panglao Philippines to Dahab, Egypt, and everywhere in between. His passion for travel and teaching lead him to teach English in a lot of countries and hone his writing skills.

He just doesn’t just love diving and the people he meets along the way and the food make it all worth it. By teaching and writing, he can educate people about what is happening to the ocean and help to make it a better place for future divers. If you want to follow his travels on IG @Travelingteacherteagan.

Our Company

OtterAquatics is based out of Miami, Florida, but is an entirely remote company, with its team all over the world, including Canada, Belize, Philippines, Indonesia,  Australia, and more!

If you need to contact us, please use our contact us page all serious inquiries will be replied to immediately.

How OtterAquatics Makes Money

OtterAquatics generates revenue through display advertisements, and referral bonuses for many of the products and services that we recommend on the site.

Despite our compensation strategy, it has no impact or effect on the rankings of certain products or services in our reviews.

How to Connect With OtterAquatics

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