Scuba Diving

This section covers everything there is to know about scuba diving, from scuba gear, liveaboards, diving tips, dive sites destinations, and more!

3 Best Solomon Islands Liveaboards of 2023

The Solomon Islands are diverse and uncrowded. The Solomon Islands offer a lot of different diving options which include caverns, reefs, muck, large sea fans, steep walls, soft corals, and

Austin with Steel and Aluminum Scuba Tanks

5 Best Scuba Tanks For Each Type of Diver

Scuba diving tanks are one of the last pieces of equipment most divers buy for themselves.

For divers that dive frequently enough, there’s certainly some savings in getting tanks of your

7 Best Dive Bags Reviewed (2023 Edition)

A reliable scuba diving bag is an essential accessory for any avid diver looking to keep their gear organized, protected, and ready for underwater expeditions. They also make it easy

Austin Tuwiner with several pairs of scuba diving gloves

4 Best Scuba Diving Gloves (2023 Update)

Dive gloves are an optional accessory for scuba divers seeking exposure protection, dexterity, and thermal insulation during their underwater explorations. If you’ve never bought dive gloves before, you may not